Vintage Style Teddy Bears from Vermont

About the Bears

We are the delightfully dressed vintage style teddy bears who would like to introduce you to the new Limerick Bear Web Site. 

Our makers are Lynn and Phil Gatto who have designed and made us since 1986. We now all live out in the beautiful countryside of central Vermont. There has actually been real bears roaming around in our back yard. If it's a warm summer day we will most likely be sitting on the patio getting our joints put in while we watch the humming birds flying around. Sometimes a group of turkeys will wander in to see what all that fuzzy fur is that's floating around in the air. Of course all it is is our wonderful mohair which comes in many lengths and colors. We get to see all these beautiful sights because we are made with hand blown glass or vintage shoe button eyes. 

Lynn and Phil enjoy going around to all the antique shops and flea markets to find the unique and vintage clothing that we so proudly wear. Right now we are mostly the really big bears but, we do have smaller siblings which will be put on the web at a later date. Some of us don't like all these fancy clothes so there will also be a few bare bears.

Nice writing to you, hope you enjoy the bears of Limerick Bear, LLC. Check back soon to see what else might be new!

Thank you,
Lynn & Phil

Limerick Bear gallery photo



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